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Home phones have one feature that cellphones simply don't – reliability.

A CenturyLink home phone is a pillar of reliability for your on-the-go family. Your home phone service is there through power outages and provides a lifeline by working with your security system. A home phone might seem like obsolete technology to some, but when it comes to keeping your family safe and having a reliable way to communicate, a home phone offers technology that you can count on.


Top four reasons why your family needs a CenturyLink home phone.

  • A home phone is trustworthy.

    Get a reliable home phone line that works even in inclement weather. Cellphones can be unreliable in an emergency if coverage in your area is spotty, making a home phone your best asset in an emergency.

  • A home phone is easy on your budget.

    CenturyLink phone service can actually save you money when you add home phone to a bundle with Internet. Many cellphone plans have costly overhead charges if you use too many minutes, so save your minutes for when you really need them. A home phone can provide the convenience and security your family needs.

  • A home phone service is the best way to spread good news.

    Whether your son just got engaged, a baby is on the way, you got a promotion or you plan to plant roots in a new city, a home phone is the best way to spread the good news. Don't let your big news be overshadowed by the big disappointment of uncertain cellphone service.

  • Phone service brings your out-of-town family back home.

    When you send your first child to college or your best friend gets relocated, staying in touch isn't as easy as it used to be. Unlimited Nationwide calling means talking on the phone all day without racking up overage fees. Have friends abroad? CenturyLink offers great deals on International calling. Unlimited local calling is also available.

Call today to learn more about how a CenturyLink home phone service will make a big difference in your home.


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