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CenturyLink Availability: Where Can I Get CenturyLink?

CenturyLink offers high-speed internet, voice and video services in at least 37 U.S. states. Coverage is available in most cities, suburban, and rural areas across the United States. CenturyLink offers different High-Speed Internet options - as well as the ability to bundle Internet with Home Phone Service

So if you have CenturyLink availability, what are your options?

  1. CenturyLink Internet availability. The most basic CenturyLink option is High-Speed Internet. You can get speeds fast enough to download movies, work from home and everything in between.
  2. CenturyLink bundles.When High-Speed Internet alone just isn’t enough, you can bundle with Home Phone Service. You can use both services at the same time, and ensure you are in constant communication with your friends and family.
  3. CenturyLink bundles + DIRECTV.If you’ve picked out a CenturyLink bundle, there’s no better way to make your home more entertaining than adding TV into the mix. DIRECTV offers unbeatable sports coverage, tons of premium movie channels for every genre, local stations, mobile access and much, much more!

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Bundle and save with CenturyLink

If you can get CenturyLink High-Speed Internet, you also have access to Home Phone. Get both, and you save money, simply by getting the two from the same provider.

But, what if I’m not interested in a Home Phone? There are a lot of misconceptions about Home Phone Service – it’s an incredibly valuable service:

Go wireless with CenturyLink High-Speed Internet

If you live in an area with CenturyLink internet availability, you also have the option to turn your internet connection into a wireless one.

All you need to turn your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet into a personal Wi-Fi connection is a router with wireless capability. Call our experts now and find out how easy it is to get a private Wi-Fi connection anywhere in your home.

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