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Promo Code: 485-395

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CenturyLink: Bundles for Every Budget

Bundles make sense. Because everyone is looking to save money without sacrificing quality. CenturyLink bundles offer you great home services for low, affordable prices – prices that please every budget.

What are Internet bundles?

Internet bundles are just the combination of Internet and Home Phone from one provider, on one monthly bill. Instead of paying for both services separately from different providers, you pay one bill – and get savings you might not see otherwise.

Home Phone and Internet bundles have a lot to offer – especially when it comes to Internet service. When you get CenturyLink Internet bundles you can get:

  • No term agreement required.

  • Fast speeds. CenturyLink Internet bundles have speeds that accommodate all kinds of online needs – everything from watching movies to watching an online auction.

All it takes is a simple phone call to start saving with CenturyLink bundles. Call today!


Home Phone and Internet bundles: Why get a Home Phone?

Bundles aren’t complete without Home Phone Service. But, some people think they can get on just fine without one. So why should you get Home Phone bundles?


Cell phones are perfect when you’re on the go, but not necessarily when you’re at home. Your battery runs out, your network coverage goes in and out, and you’re at risk of going over your data plan. Cut out the unexpected, and get the reliability a Home Phone brings to the table.

Advanced features.

A lot of people avoid Home Phones for one reason: unwanted callers. Fortunately, CenturyLink Home Phone bundles offer features that can reject calls from anonymous numbers.

You can also get Call Forwarding, which forwards calls from your Home Phone to your cell phone. With tons of other features to choose from, so no matter what your needs are, CenturyLink has a way to fulfill them.

Unlimited Calling.

CenturyLink bundles offer calling options like Unlimited Local Calling and Unlimited Nationwide Calling. You can call who you want, as much as you want in the United States. Some smart phone plans can’t say the same.

Savings + Convenience.

Everyone is looking to save money. And that’s where CenturyLink Home Phone Bundles come in. Get Internet and Home Phone from CenturyLink, and you’re getting the convenience of one bill on just one phone call.


DIRECTV and CenturyLink both offer next-level entertainment. Add DIRECTV to your bundle for unparalleled sports, movies and HD TV channels

CenturyLink DirecTV Call us now to get both services on one phone call!

Want Even more? Add DIRECTV to CenturyLink bundles.

We all have them – those TV shows we can’t live without. When you get DIRECTV you can watch your favorite shows whenever you want – and in multiple rooms in your house thanks to its Whole-Home DVR.1

Plus, sports fanatics will love the exclusive sports options like NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and everyone in the family will love the HD channels and digital clarity.

Call today and get all three home services – TV, Internet and Home Phone – on one simple phone call. When it’s this easy to order CenturyLink bundles and DIRECTV, there’s no point in waiting. Talk to our experts now!

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