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DIRECTV Channel Lineup

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DIRECTV Channel Lineup:
Something for Everyone

DIRECTV channels handle the in-betweens. The age ranges between toddlers, teens and grandparents. The interests between sports nuts and do-it-yourselfers. The needs of parents, babysitters and movie buffs. There's a DIRECTV channel lineup for everyone.1

Plus, you even get the option to add on international channels, exclusive sports packages like NFL SUNDAY TICKET and premium movie channels.

And local channels? They're always available, no matter how many stations you get in your DIRECTV channel lineup.

Here are some DIRECTV channel specifics:

  • DIRECTV On Demand.

    You can always find something to watch on more than 150 channels, including local network affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS and the CW.

  • Free standard professional installation.

    Check out the most popular DIRECTV package, with more than 220 channels.

DIRECTV channel options: available packages

For when you want it all: the PREMIER DIRECTV channel lineup. The PREMIER Package has it all – almost 315 channels, more than 30 premium movie channels and tons of specialty sports stations. This package delivers on all levels when it comes to full-tilt entertainment.

For when you want a little bit of everything: the ULTIMATE DIRECTV channel lineup. With 240+ channels, you get DIRECTV programming to satisfy your craving for movies, sports, music, family and local content. Plus, experience top movie options like Encore and Sundance.

For when you want a bit extra: the XTRA DIRECTV channel lineup. DIRECTV programming with this package gives you around 220 channels to watch everything from new movie releases to local news broadcasts to live sporting events.

For when you want your bases covered: the CHOICE DIRECTV channel lineup. With more than 150 channels to watch, these DIRECTV channels cover all your bases. You get music, movie, family, sports channels and more to browse through.

For when less is more: the ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTV channel lineup. When you want entertainment but don't want too many channel options, the ENTERTAINMENT channel lineup is the way to go. You still get plenty of channels – more than 150 – and get options for everyone in your home.

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