Common Home Phone Service Features

Black digital cordless phone

A home phone provides reliable service and, oftentimes, many great calling features. Sign up for home phone service and enjoy the following calling features:

Call WaitingCaller IDCall Waiting IDCall Rejection3-Way CallingDistinctive RingLast Call ReturnCall ForwardingCall SolicitationVoicemailLong Distance

Callers won’t get a busy signal with Call Waiting. If you are on the while someone else is trying to call you, you can place one person on hold and answer the other. A unique tone will let you know when you have a caller on the other line, so you’ll never worry about missing a call.

Caller ID allows you to see the name and number of the caller before answering the phone. You’ll always know who is dialing your house with this feature. The caller’s information will appear on a display unit.

This is a combination of Call Waiting and Caller ID. When there’s a caller waiting for your answer, you’ll be able to see the name and phone number of the caller on a display unit.

Choose to avoid calls from specific names and numbers. Also choose to reject anonymous callers – those who choose to not list their name and phone number on Caller ID.

Add another person to your phone call with 3-Way Calling. Chat with two other people, both with different telephone numbers, at the same time.

Set a unique ringtone for a specific telephone number. You’ll always know who is calling when you hear their distinctive ring.

Whether you answer a call or not, access the number of the most recent incoming call with Last Call Return. Simply dial a code, and you’ll be given the last caller’s phone number.

If you aren’t home, you can still get calls wherever you are. With Call Forwarding, simply forward your home phone calls to your cell phone. This way, you’ll never miss an important call. Choose Scheduled Forwarding, which allows you to set scheduled times and days to activate the feature. Or use Call Following to activate the feature outside the set schedule.

Override Call Following and Scheduled Call Forwarding with the No Solicitation feature. Screen calls during set hours each day of the week without impacting outgoing calls.

If you ever miss a call, hear recorded messages from callers with Voicemail. Callers will be allowed to leave messages if no one answers the phone. Save each voicemail message until you choose to delete them.

Long Distance lets you call outside of your area code. Call family and friends outside your city without having to purchase a calling card.