Social Media Etiquette Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

holiday photo
The holiday season.

Just saying those words bring tons of images to mind. Holiday parties. Food. Family gatherings. Wine. More food.

That’s a lot of events – which in our social media obsessed world means a lot of events to share online.

But, that can be tricky. Just like you have to mind your manners at the table during holiday meals, you have to keep in mind social media etiquette during the holidays.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to sharing (and not oversharing) during this holiday season.

Share: connections with family members. Some families don’t get to spend a lot of time together – making a holiday get-together one of the most memorable times of the year. Share a family picture on Instagram or Facebook, and tag family members that don’t have a problem having a photo on their own profile.

Don’t overshare: there’s no need to upload pictures every time the family is together over the holidays. One or two pictures is just enough to let your friends know that you are spending time with loved ones – but they don’t need more than that.

To substitute Instagramming every photo, create a photo stream with your family where you can upload photos you’ve taken. That way everyone can access them, and you’re still sharing – just within your family circle.

Share: get-togethers with co-workers. There are a lot of work parties that go on around the holidays, and it can be a great time to socialize with friends and co-workers outside of a formal setting.

Don’t overshare: too much employee fun. If you are snapping pictures of co-workers or even a boss, make sure you have their permission to post and share a photo online. Especially when work is concerned, you want to make sure you don’t overstep any boundaries.

To substitute, try sharing a photo of the holiday décor, or a cool party venue instead of the actual festivities.

Share: fun travel plans. If you’re traveling to visit family or friends, there’s no harm in sharing your travel plans online. Post a picture or compose a tweet showing your destination and maybe even a tourist activity or two.

Don’t overshare: travel plans gone awry. People take holiday spirit seriously – if you have a flight cancellation or are stuck in bad weather, try not to sound off on social media. You don’t want to dampen anyone’s mood.

To substitute, instead text a close friend or family member to vent – that way you don’t end up posting something said in the heat of the moment.

Share: your own holiday party. If you’re playing host over the holiday season, share your decorations, your baking skills and your good company.

Don’t overshare: be careful not to insult anyone who wasn’t on the guest list. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not being invited to your party, so try and limit the posts and updates – especially of pictures of your guests.

To substitute, create a private event on Facebook so that only you guest list can see your event.