What Are Cookies And How Do I Enable Them?

Internet cookies might not be as intriguing as actual cookies, but that’s only because they aren’t a delicious dessert. Internet cookies are responsible for a lot of the things we do and benefit from online.


What do cookies do?

Cookies are tiny bits of data that websites generate. Cookies get saved by Internet browsers to be used later. A cookie is designed to remember specific information about a computer user. What types of information can a cookie store?

Login information – Have you ever input a username and password on a site and then selected “Remember me”? If you check that box, the website will generate a cookie to remember that information. The next time you visit that site, you won’t have to re-enter the login information.
User preferences – Whenever you change or customize something on a website, such as text size for a website or specific search settings, a cookie is created to remember your preferences.

Personal information – If you create an account on a website and enter a lot of personal information, the website will use cookies to remember who you are. However, websites will often load the stored information from the web server.

How do I enable cookies on different Internet browsers?

Google Chrome 10.x

First, click the “Customize and Control” menu at the top right corner. It looks like three small horizontal bars. Then, click “Settings.” Once the tab opens, click on “Show advanced settings…” near the bottom of the list.

Click “Content settings…” and under “Cookies,” ensure that “Allow local data to be set (recommended)” is selected. Click “OK.”


Mozilla Firefox

Click the Firefox menu. Select “Options,” and once the window appears, select “Options” again (“Preferences” on a Mac). Click the Privacy tab. Click on the “Firefox will…” and a dropdown will appear. Select “use custom settings for history.”

Select the “Accept cookies from sites” checkbox and click “OK.”


Internet Explorer

Click the icon that looks like a gear. It will take you to the Tools menu. Then, select “Internet Options” from the dropdown. Click the Privacy tab and click the “Default” button. You can also manually slide the bar down to “Medium.”

For more customization options, click the “Advanced” button to the left of the “Default” button. You can customize which cookies you want to enable.