What’s The Weakest Link In My Computer’s Security?

When it comes to computer security, there are many steps you can take to reduce your chance of a security threat. Of course, you need antivirus software installed on your computer. Be sure to log out whenever you’re finished with a website. Never open an e-mail from an unrecognized sender.

What’s the most common security mistake people make online? Forgetting to use secure passwords. People often use 123456 or the word password so they can easily remember their login information for every website. This greatly increases the potential threats to your computer security.

How to create a secure password for your online security

If hackers crack your password, they could do a lot of harm. They could have access to your personal information – your social security number, address, etc. This could possibly lead to identity theft or credit card fraud.

In order to reduce your chances of fraud, it’s important to have both unique and strong passwords for all your accounts. When you create a password, consider these two rules:

Create unique passwords for all your accounts

There are many characteristics of a strong password. Most importantly, do not use the same passwords for different accounts. You’ll want a unique password for every account you have. This way, if a hacker gets your login information on one website, they won’t have that information for every account you have.

Make a strong password

Not only do you need a unique password; you need a strong password. Consider these tips so that your password is hard to crack.

  • Make your password at least eight characters long
  • Use both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Use a mix of numbers and symbols (#, $, %)
  • Avoid words that hackers would expect to be in your password – such as your child’s name, your street name, your pet’s name, etc.

Follow these four tips and make every password unique to help protect your online security.