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Promo Code: 331-019

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CenturyLink Specials in Greenville

CenturyLink offers a slew of great Internet, Home Phone Service and DIRECTV specials for the Greenville, Alabama area. With these amazing specials and deals, you can record TV shows, watch movies, call friends in other states, read the news, play video games, listen to music and dozens upon dozens of more things. Truly, there might not be any greater investment in your sanity than an investment in CenturyLink!

CenturyLink Coverage Area

Using CenturyLink Internet to Plan a Trip to Greenville

Before you move to Greenville, AL, you might want to take a trip or two there to get an idea of what it has to offer. It just so happens that the Web is teeming with useful resources for doing this — from Greenville’s official website to business directories, local maps and more.

In fact, your best bet is to plan your trip online using the Internet in your area. Then simply print out the directions, hop in your car and start your drive! Also be sure to jot down a few restaurants in case you get hungry along the way!

Finding Something to Do with CenturyLink Internet

If you’re serious about moving here, you’re going to need to find things to do. Namely, you’ll need to either study or work. Greenville Internet service can help with this as well!

There are several options. You can study at Lomax-Hannon Junior College in preparation for a university. You can look up local jobs on Craigslist. Or you can even find and contact businesses directly via their websites to see if they are hiring.

It certainly beats getting in the car and driving to every school or workplace in the area! And therein lies the beauty of Internet availability in Greeneville — it opens the whole world to you!

Connecting With Others in Greenville With CenturyLink Home Phone

The best part of life revolves around the relationships we build with others. One great way to build and maintain those relationships is with a CenturyLink Home Phone plan. CenturyLink provides terrific, budget-friendly plans with clear connections and no delays. Plus, the plans come with great features like the following:

  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Following
  • Caller ID
  • Call Rejection
  • Call waiting ID
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Last Call Return
  • No Solicitation
  • Selective Call Forwarding

Tracking Alabama Sports With DIRECTV

Yet another service offered by CenturyLink is DIRECTV. By adding DIRECTV to an existing CenturyLink High-Speed Internet or DIRECTV plan, you can get access to hundreds of channels, including HBO, Showtime, CineMax, Starz and more. The four channels just listed at premium ones, mind you, but you get 3 months of free access to them when you sign up!

This of course means you can track any and all Alabama sports (or really sports pertaining to any of your favorite teams) by watching ESPN or other sports channels. Or, if your schedule is busy, you can set your optional DVR box to record the game or games so that you never miss one again! Get CenturyLink and DIRECTV today!

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