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Promo Code: 315-626

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CenturyLink Internet Service: Prior Lake

Prior Lake is a scenic town teeming with visual wonders like Upper Prior Lake, Lower Prior Lake, Spring Lake, Lakefront Park, Memorial Park and Sand Point Beach. Living in a place as beautiful as Prior Lake certainly comes with its advantages.

However, sometimes even the most active person wants to spend a day at home and watch movies, listen to music, chat with friends and relax. It just so happens that CenturyLink High-Speed Internet service is perfect for doing exactly this!

CenturyLink Internet

So what is so great about CenturyLink Internet? First and foremost, it can achieve download speeds fast enough to download full HD movies, play complex online multi-player video games and partake in social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) at lightning-fast speeds.

Plus, CenturyLink Internet is reliable, meaning if you sign up, you get access to it 100% of the time. That means 24/7 access to nearly any form of online entertainment you desire!

And in case you didn’t know, Prior Lake contains dozens of Meetup groups that you can access on Meetup, a site designed for the sole purpose of making like-minded friends using the power of Prior Lake Internet connectivity!

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Stay Connected with CenturyLink Home Phone Service

If you want to set up shop in the beautiful city of Prior Lake, it might be a good idea to bundle a CenturyLink Internet plan with a Home Phone plan. Smartphones are great devices, but are they that reliable?

CenturyLink Home Phone is dependable: CenturyLink Home Phone Service doesn’t rely on batteries or spotty networks. This means your phone line is always operational, including during life-threatening emergencies!

CenturyLink Home Phone Service is affordable: Smartphone plans are extraordinarily expensive, but this cannot be said about conventional Home Phone plans. Bundle it with Internet and the savings increase even further!

Plus, plans include a bevy of super-convenient features like Nationwide Calling, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Last Call Return and more! And you also have the option to add International Calling to your plan if you want to keep in touch with friends who live outside of the U.S.

Keep Track of Prior Lake News With DIRECTV

News never stops. Just take a look at the website for Prior Lake America, and you'll see endless stories about things happening in and around Prior Lake. The great thing is that you can save even more by adding DIRECTV to a CenturyLink plan. By doing this, you get access to every news station in the area.

Plus, you get optional access to DIRECTV On Demand, a neat service that lets you browse and choose from thousands of movies and TV shows!

Never miss another sports game! Never again miss out on your favorite TV show! And never again worry about schedule conflicts, because all you have to do is set your DIRECTV DVR box to record! It’s that easy and convenient!

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