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Promo Code: 485-405

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CenturyLink in Arkansas: bundle Internet, Home Phone, and even add DIRECTV!

Here’s a little secret — getting individual services is never a good idea! Some people get their Internet from one provider, their phone from another provider and their TV from yet another provider. That adds up to huge costs!

A much more budget-friendly option is go sign up for CenturyLink Arkansas service. With CenturyLink, you can get CenturyLink Internet Arkansas, CenturyLink Home Phone and even DIRECTV — and you can get them for much better rates!

CenturyLink Internet

A CenturyLink bundle starts with CenturyLink Internet. It’s a fast, reliable and secure Internet service available in Arkansas. More importantly, it offers fast download speeds that lets you have the online freedom you need.

So what all can you do with CenturyLink Internet?

You can look up directions to places like Hot Springs National Park and the Arkansas Arts Center.

You can send email to your friends and family members, or you can even chat with them directly via Skype.

You can play games against friends and family.

You can set up a Wi-Fi connection so your family members can connect from their tablets, smartphones and laptops.

The opportunities and possibilities are literally endless! The best part is that there are several plans from which you may choose. Just pick whichever one fits your budget and get ready to get connected with the world!

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Bundle CenturyLink Home Phone Service

Next comes the bundle with CenturyLink Home Phone Service in Arkansas. This is a traditional landline. Unlike smartphones, it is not dependent on cell phone towers. This means that it provides call services at all hours of the day. Plus, each call offers great quality audio and reliability. And you never ever have to worry about dropped calls!

Also, you have several features from which you may choose, including Unlimited Nationwide Calling, International Calling, Caller ID, Voicemail and more!


The last step to big savings involves adding DIRECTV to your CenturyLink Internet and Home Phone Service bundle. In the end, you wind up with all three services. More importantly, you end up spending a lot less money!

DIRECTV can be transmitted to multiple TVs in your home, meaning everybody can take part in the fun and watch sitcoms, movies and more. There is also the option of signing up for DIRECTV On Demand, a premium service that gives you instant access to thousands of great Hollywood movies.

Do you hate missing your favorite show? With Arkansas DIRECTV services, you can just record your shows so that you never miss them again!

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