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Promo Code: 485-435

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CenturyLink Internet: Illinois

Illinois Internet is a must-have service for surviving in the Prairie State. You need it to pay your water/gas bills. You need it to find directions to Chicago O'Hare International Airport. You need it check the weather. You need it to read the latest headlines in the Chicago Tribune. And you need it to stay in touch!

If you are in need of reliable Internet access in Illinois, then your best bet is to sign up for CenturyLink Internet.

Why CenturyLink Internet is the Best Choice for Illinois Residents

CenturyLink Internet has lots of amazing features that Illinois residents can take advantage of:

It’s ultra-fast! CenturyLink Internet has fast download speeds. Speeds fast enough to download full-length movies, play online video games, upload videos/images and much more!

It’s ultra-affordable! It’s a common misconception these days that Internet ‘must’ be expensive. Incorrect! With CenturyLink Illinois Internet plans, you can choose from multiple plans and customize your CenturyLink bundle.

It’s ultra-reliable! You can get online whenever you want with CenturyLink Internet in Illinois. In case you encounter any problems, all you need to do is dial up CenturyLink’s 24/7 technical support!

Bundling with CenturyLink Home Phone Service

Like CenturyLink Internet? Why stop there! You can bundle Home Phone Service with your plan and use it to not only stay connected with friends and family, but to also protect your family in case of an emergency!

Unlike a cellular phone, CenturyLink Home Phone remains operational at all times! It isn’t affected by spotty coverage from cell towers. This makes it the perfect tool to have available during an emergency!

Also, it offers all the same types of great features associated with its cellular counterparts. You get Caller ID, Call Following, Call Forwarding, Call Rejection, 3-Way Calling, Last Call Return and of course a Voicemail box!

Adding DIRECTV Lets Illinois Residents Save Even More

The savings don’t stop with your CenturyLink bundle! You can up them even further by adding DIRECTV.

What is DIRECTV? It’s a satellite TV service great for watching live games featuring your favorite Chicago team!

With DIRECTV service, you get access to hundreds of channels, from notable national ones like Bravo and Comedy Central to local news channels on ABC, NBC and CBS!

You also get access to a DVR Receiver. What’s this? It’s like a computer for your TV. You can use it to record those live games mentioned earlier. It’s especially useful for busier folks who are often on the go and thus miss out on so much great television!

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