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Promo Code: 485-393

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CenturyLink Service in Kansas

What are some of the first things you do every morning? Review the news? Check the weather? Survey traffic conditions? What if you could do this without relying on the newspaper? What if you could get every bit of information about Kansas delivered instantaneously to you?

Well, you can courtesy CenturyLink Kansas Internet!

Soaking Up Information with CenturyLink Internet

Internet is a lot more than a tool for killing boredom. It is a powerful technology useful for so many things like reading the news, looking up weather, reading restaurant reviews, and much more.

CenturyLink High-Speed Internet is especially useful because it’s a reliable technology with fast download speeds.

Here’s the kicker. CenturyLink Kansas Internet comes with a Wi-Fi Router that you can use to share your connection with all Wi-Fi-enabled devices in your home! This means you can check the weather in Topeka, look up the traffic conditions in Wichita and find directions to the Kansas Speedway without even getting out of bed!

CenturyLink Home Phone Service

Home Phone service is an essential that everybody needs. It lets you do more than just call for a taxi. It lets you maintain relationships with your friends and loved ones.

Here’s the thing. Almost everybody these days has a cell phone. So why should you invest in a traditional CenturyLink landline? For one, it’s much more reliable. It isn’t affected by poor cell town coverage. This means you get the audio quality you deserve when talking to mom and dad!

Also, CenturyLink Home Phone Service in Kansas comes with great features. You get Caller ID so that you know who’s calling you. You get Anonymous Call Rejection so that you don’t have to deal with telemarketers. And much more!

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Here’s something you might not know. You can add DIRECTV services to your CenturyLink plan for a great price! This unique, satellite-based service delivers hundreds of TV channels directly to your home. Plus, these channels can be broadcast to numerous TVs in your home, meaning everybody can take part in the fun!

So what do you want to do? Watch the news on KCTV5? Partake in a funny sitcom? Watch a full-fledged movie? The choice is up to you!

And with DIRECTV On Demand, the questions go from hundreds of channels to thousands upon thousands of the latest Hollywood flicks among numerous genres including drama, horror, romance, comedy, etc.

Rest assured that DIRECTV also includes a bevy of sports channels so that you never again have to miss out on your favorite team playing!

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