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Promo Code: 485-385

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CenturyLink Specials in Louisiana

Quality Internet service in Louisiana isn’t easy to find. Some Louisiana Internet service providers offer great speed. Others offer top notch reliability. And then there are those that focus exclusively on safety and protection.

CenturyLink Internet just happens to combine all three — fast speeds, great reliability and computer security — into one exemplary Internet service!

Louisiana CenturyLink Internet Services to the Rescue

Forget the competitors, because when it comes to providing the best in Internet services, only CenturyLink remains. It is a top-of-the-line and well-renowned Louisiana Internet provider that offers a host of incredible features:

You get fast download speeds: fast enough to stream live games from the Superdome without encountering lag or delay.

You get incredible reliability. CenturyLink Internet gives you a dedicated connection.

You also get great computer security. CenturyLink makes certain to provide you with the best in anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware technology. It also offers identity theft protection, as well as numerous other safety features.

There’s just no denying the fact that when it comes to Nebraska Internet, CenturyLink is the best! Choose your location below to learn more about local offers.

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Cotton Valley

Louisiana CenturyLink Home Phone Service

How many times have you been on an important phone call, when the line went dead? If you are a cell phone owner and user, then you are probably very familiar with this extraordinarily annoying predicament.

Here’s the thing — with CenturyLink Home Phone Service, you never have to worry about this happening! Why? It is a traditional landline service that uses wired connections to get you connected with your friends, regardless of whether they live in New Orleans, Baton Rouge or Shreveport — even if they live in another state or another country!

Also, this terrific Nebraska Home Phone Service comes with awesome added features like Caller ID (for seeing who is calling you), Anonymous Call Rejection (for avoiding pesky telemarketers) and of course Voice Mail.

Louisiana DIRECTV for the Best in Television

Would you like to be able to watch news on Baton Rouge WAFB, New Orleans WDSU-TV or Shreveport KTBS 3? Would you like to be able to watch sitcoms, movies, dramas and more?

All of this is possible with DIRECTV, a service that gives you access to hundreds of channels, even a DVR Receiver that lets you record and store your favorite programs.

Plus, you have the option to sign up for premium channels like HBO, Showtime and others. Or you can sign up for DIRECTV On Demand, an incredible service that gives you instant access to thousands of Hollywood flicks.

The options are unlimited! And by adding it to a CenturyLink Internet and Home Phone Service bundle, you can wind up saving lots of money — especially in comparison to how much you would be spending if you invested in traditional cable television!

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