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Promo Code: 485-400

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CenturyLink Internet: Mississippi

There are a lot of interesting facts about Mississippi. Did you know that it has more tree farms than any other state? Also, the infamous Pine-Sol cleaning solution is only manufactured in Mississippi. That’s a fact! Do you know what else is a fact? Mississippi is one of several states in the United States to offer ultra-fast CenturyLink Internet Services!

Stay Connecting at Remarkable Speeds with CenturyLink Internet

CenturyLink Internet Mississippi services go up and beyond conventional Internet. Mississippi Internet services from CenturyLink are priced affordably so that any family can afford them!

The biggest benefit to CenturyLink Internet, however, is its amazing speed! It’s fast and reliable enough so that you can do anything:

  • Watch movies!
  • Stream music videos on YouTube!
  • Read restaurant reviews!
  • Order delivery!
  • Purchase goods and products.
  • Chat with friends and family.

All of these fun and exciting activities are available to you with CenturyLink Mississippi Internet! And you can choose from a range of plans with fast download speeds. Call today and our Internet experts will help you choose the CenturyLink plan right for you.

Maintaining Relationships with CenturyLink Home Phone Service

Chatting with friends through Facebook or MSN Messenger is nice, but sometimes a phone call is preferred. It’s very pleasant to be able to hear a loved one’s voice. The good news is that you can bundle Home Phone Service with any CenturyLink plan. This will give you lots of great savings. It also provides you with the following:

Unlimited Nationwide Calling: You can make an unlimited number of local and nationwide calls.

Anonymous Call Rejection: You can block your line from accepting any and all anonymous calls. Never deal with a telemarketer again!

24/7 Operation: A CenturyLink Home Phone line always remains operational. Never again worry about a dropped call or spotty coverage!


Internet and phone services are nice, but what if you could add DIRECTV service to your CenturyLink bundle as well? Well, with CenturyLink Mississippi, you can do exactly that! This extraordinary satellite-based service connects you to hundreds of channels and thousands of movies. It’s enough to keep you entertained for a lifetime!

So what types of channels can you access? Anything! Do you like watching sitcoms on TBS? Or do you prefer watching thrillers on SHOWTIME? Perhaps you are a news buff who wants to know what’s going on in and around Mississippi. It doesn’t matter what interests you, because there’s something on DIRECTV that fits!

Also, DIRECTV services come with an optional DVR Receiver. This is like a computer for your TV. It lets you record shows, pause/rewind television and so much more!

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