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Promo Code: 331-023

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CenturyLink Internet in New Jersey

New Jersey is an amazing state full with culture, sports and infrastructure. It contains everything from Atlantic City to Old Barracks Museum, and of course all your favorite sports teams!

There’s so much going on in New Jersey at any given time. It just happens that the best way to keep up with all this activity occurring in New Jersey is with CenturyLink Internet Service!

Tracking New Jersey News With CenturyLink Internet

New Jersey is definitely known for its incredible news stories, not to mention its abundance of professional news networks, papers and magazines.

Here’s something you might not know — all of these incredible news sources can be accessed with a New Jersey Internet connection! It helps too that CenturyLink Internet offers high-speed connectivity with fast download speeds.

Never Miss a Game with DIRECTV

Don’t you hate missing a major game? Unfortunately, it sometimes happens, because there is no such thing as a set-in-stone schedule. Things happen that ruin our plans. Well, the good news is that if you add DIRECTV service to your CenturyLink plan, you can use your DVR device to record the game! Just program it to record whenever the game begins, and voila, you’re all set!

With this tool in your hand, you'll never again have to worry about missing a game, regardless of who's playing.

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Never Lose Touch with CenturyLink Home Phone Service

Don’t you also hate losing touch with friends and family? It certainly helps that with CenturyLink, you can maintain the bond with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. However, what ever happened to good, old-fashioned phone conversations?

Bundling Home Phone Service with your CenturyLink Internet plan in New Jersey is the best way to stay in touch.

24/7: A CenturyLink Home Phone plan stays connected 24/7. This means you can call your friends, your family or emergency services anytime!

Affordable: There is simply no denying that a traditional Home Phone plan is plenty more affordable than those fancy smartphone plans you see everyday. Bundle it with CenturyLink Internet and see those savings skyrocket!

Quality: The last thing to keep in mind is that regular phone lines never suffer from poor call quality. This is because they rely on physical connections instead of wireless ones.

Also, Home Phone service from CenturyLink comes with great features like Caller ID and Call Forwarding!

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