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Promo Code: 485-555

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CenturyLink Service in South Carolina

South Carolina is not only a beautiful state. It’s also a busy one where the average family constantly has things to do. It just so happens that the best way to stay ahead of the grueling daily beat is with the assistance of a good Internet connection that won’t rob you blind. It also happens that CenturyLink Internet is reliable, affordable and fast, making it a must-have resource for living the good life in South Carolina!

CenturyLink Internet Plans

It helps if you have the type of fast High-Speed Internet service offered by CenturyLink. CenturyLink Pure Broadband service not only operates 24/7, but it also operates with fast download speeds. Download speeds fast enough to:

  • Watch movies
  • Stream TV shows
  • Look up local news
  • And so much more!

CenturyLink Home Phone Service

You can opt for a CenturyLink South Carolina Internet bundle that contains both High-Speed Internet and Home Phone services. It’s a great way to save money and connect with family and friends! It also provides you with a great, reliable line in case an emergency.

Plus, unlike cell phones, landline phones from CenturyLink never plague you with dropped calls or spotty cellular coverage. Instead, you get clear connections every single time!

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Enjoy Your Downtime with DIRECTV

Every family needs its down time, time to just sit back and relax. What better way is there to relax than to gather around the TV and watch a funny sitcom or exciting movie? It especially helps if you add DIRECTV to your CenturyLink services, because DIRECTV gives you access to hundreds of TV channels.

You also get access to numerous sports channels. Never again will you have to miss a a NASCAR race or football game! In fact, you even have the option of investing in a DIRECTV DVR that you can schedule to record your favorite races and games.

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