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Promo Code: 485-407

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Choose CenturyLink in Tennessee

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville or Franklin, because the truth remains that CenturyLink Internet can help you in so many ways:

It can help you check traffic along I-81 North and South.

It can help you look up weather in and around Memphis.

It can help you read reviews on the best restaurants in Nashville.

It can help you enroll at the University of Tennessee.

It can help you find a job.

And it can help you connect with friends and family!

How CenturyLink Internet Can Better Your Life in Tennessee

CenturyLink Internet provides you with a Pure Broadband connection to the Internet that remains on 100% of the time. Plus, it runs consistently fast all day, everyday! More importantly, this Tennessee Internet service gives you fast download speeds.

With CenturyLink speeds, you can do anything — listen to music, stream videos, play multi-player games, chat with friends and much more — at speeds superior to all average competitor Internet plans and programs in Florida!

CenturyLink Home Phone

Here’s something you might not know. You can also get CenturyLink Home Phone Service with a Tennessee Internet bundle. The way it works is that both services get bundled together into one budget-friendly package. The result is that you pay less for each individual service!

Why would you need a Home Phone plan in this day and age of smartphones and tablets? Because no smartphone, tablet or other cellular device can guarantee you the reliability and clarity of a traditional CenturyLink landline.

What does this mean for you? It means no dropped calls. It means no spotty coverage. It means no poor-quality audio. Instead, it means a reliable Home Phone connection that is available 24/7, even during emergencies.

Never again take the risk of being caught in an emergency without a means to get help! Get CenturyLink Home Phone now!

How DIRECTV Can Help You Never Miss a Game

Are you a sports fan? It would not be a surprise, especially considering Florida is filled with so many great sports teams, professional and collegiate.

Why restrict yourself when you can add DIRECTV and get access to ESPN? Plus, you opt for premium channels like NFL RedZone, ESPN GoalLine, NHL Network, Universal Sports network, ESPN Full Court and dozens more.

Probably the most amazing thing about DIRECTV services in Tennessee is that they offer DVR services as well. With this amazing service, you can program your TV to record live games so that you never ever again miss out on your favorite team playing!

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