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Promo Code: 331-011

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CenturyLink Home Phone Service: Why it Matters?

You rely on your cell phone. It gives you directions when you’re driving. You check email when you’re out of the office. You can play games and connect with friends. A cell phone does everything – except offer 100% reliability.

Sometimes when you need it the most, your smartphone isn’t so smart. It drops calls. And runs out of battery. And freezes.

CenturyLink Home Phone Service doesn’t. It’s a super-affordable way to get clear calls, 24/7 – even when you’re not home. With Call Forwarding, you can choose to forward calls from your Home Phone to your cell phone when you’re out of the house. Never miss a call and always stay in touch.


Home Phone Service basics

A Home Phone is more functional than it used to be. Now you can block certain callers, choose different settings and get unlimited calling options. When you get CenturyLink Home Phone Service, you can get:

  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling.

    You read that right – unlimited. You can get unlimited calls to your friends down the street, your family down the interstate or anyone living in a different state. You won’t have to worry about using data or going over minutes with CenturyLink.

  • Calling features.

    You can get features that block unwanted callers, like Anonymous Call Rejection and Selective Call Acceptance. And like Caller ID, Call Forwarding and Distinctive Ring. Whatever your needs, CenturyLink has a feature for it.

  • Always on reliability.

    The problem with some cell phone providers? Coverage is lacking. A Home Phone doesn’t rely on towers like cell phones do. Because of its underground landline technology, a Home Phone offers 100% stability – and is great if you have kids without their own phones, or a home security system.

Customize your service the way you want it. Find out how you can choose up to 10 of the most popular CenturyLink calling features by calling us today!

Call today to learn more about how a CenturyLink home phone service will make a big difference in your home.


It’s better when you bundle: Home Phone and Internet

When it comes to CenturyLink, more is less. More services and more features for less money each month.

Getting both Home Phone and Internet from CenturyLink offers you savings because you’re getting them from the same provider. That means CenturyLink can offer deals on both services, saving you money.

The best thing about bundles? You can pick the plans you want. Customize your bundle to include Long Distance Calling, or an Internet plan with the fastest download speed. Or add on a protection plan.

Even better? Once you pick out your CenturyLink bundle, you can pick out a TV plan – on the same phone call.

Add TV service to Home Phone Bundles

It’s easy to add TV service to your CenturyLink bundle – but what does “easy,” really mean?

For us, it means getting you set up with TV, Home Phone and Internet on the same phone call. You can pick out a Home Phone plan and an Internet plan, and then pick out a TV package without ever hanging up.

Not sure if you want to add on TV service? No problem. Our experts have the answer to every question – from pricing to TV guides to special features.

Get CenturyLink Home Phone Service today!

Home Phone and Internet bundles give you everything you need to stay in touch – and stay under budget.

When you call, our experts will show you exactly which CenturyLink plans are available in your area. Call today to make your home a CenturyLink home.

Ask about CenturyLink offers! Call us toll-free today at 1-833-268-0069