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Promo Code: 485-430

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CenturyLink Wireless Internet – More Internet in More Places!

Update social media sites from your living room. Download a movie and cozy up on the couch. Set up camp in the kitchen and tackle your work projects. Lounge in your bedroom while Skyping family and friends. Make any room in your home a personal hub of entertainment with a CenturyLink wireless internet connection.

You can get fast wireless internet speeds with CenturyLink’s Wi-Fi router. CenturyLink also offers a wireless USB adaptor. All you have to do is plug it into your device to start going wireless on your home network.

CenturyLink Wi-Fi: What you can do with Wi-Fi for Your Personal Use

A CenturyLink personal use wireless internet connection offers the same fast speeds you get with a wired connection. With a CenturyLink personal Wi-Fi connection you can

  • Watch.Full length movies, short video clips, YouTube videos, documentaries, whatever you like. CenturyLink speeds limit buffering to give you a seamless watching experience.
  • Share. Send music to friends. Post a photo on your Facebook page. Share emails, news articles, songs, clips, stories and more when you go wireless.
  • Experience. When you go wireless, you can experience more of the internet in more places. Download a movie to watch while you fold laundry. Upload photos while watching the evening news. Follow a recipe on your tablet when you’re in the kitchen.

Going wireless gives you all the benefits of a fast CenturyLink internet connection – Wi-Fi just makes the benefits available all over your home. You can get fast, affordable CenturyLink Wi-Fi by calling our internet experts today!

*Wireless Internet signals are subject to interference and degradation which may cause a slower Internet speed.

Pick your CenturyLink Internet Plan

Before you can get a CenturyLink wireless internet connection, you need to pick out a CenturyLink plan. And our internet experts make it easy

CenturyLink offers plans for every need and every budget.

Families with multiple devices need a plan with more support. The more speed and bandwidth you have, the better your internet connection can support all your tablets, smartphones and laptops.

If you don’t do much online, then you won’t need the fastest CenturyLink Internet plan. If checking email, updating social media and shopping online are as in-depth as you get online, you should opt for a plan with less bandwidth.

If movies and videos are your thing, then getting a CenturyLink plan with the fastest speeds is going to benefit you the most. You won’t have to worry about buffering or sharing bandwidth with family members. No matter which plan you choose, you can get a CenturyLink wireless internet connection.

And the other best part – you can bundle your Internet plan with CenturyLink Home Phone Service. Bundle the two together, and save money.

Ask about CenturyLink offers! Call us toll-free today at 1-833-268-0069